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Keys of the Kingdom

“Praying is spiritual work, and human nature does not like taxing spiritual work. Human nature wants to sail to heaven under a favoring breeze, a full, smooth sea. Prayer is humbling work.

But to men [and women] who think praying their main business and devote time to it…does God commit the keys of his kingdom.”

E.M. Bounds wrote these words more than a century ago, yet they are still true today. Prayer is spiritual, humbling work and, at times, difficult to do.

But the JV team is boldly pressing forward into this spiritual discipline, believing God’s power to be unleashed when we pray!

Four years ago, we launched the Prayer Room, an online experience to equip people to pray for God’s movement among young people across Central and Eastern Europe. We knew that our primary business must be prayer if we wanted to see God move mountains, change lives, and transform society.

Since January 2017, people have completed 38,000+ prayer sessions in the Prayer Room—more than 24/7 prayer for Josiah Venture missionaries and the people we serve. We’ve seen God move in powerful ways to answer prayer during these years and have a section of the Prayer Room dedicated to those answers.

But, we weren’t satisfied. Dreaming and praying for more of God’s will and work to be done, a team of JV missionaries set out to make prayer even more accessible to our team, supporters, churches, and anyone else who would join us in asking God for a movement here. After a year of development, the project is complete.

Keys Of The Kingdom 21 03 In Text1

In February, the JV Prayer Room App launched on the Apple app store for iPhones*. That means you can go into the Prayer Room and pray from anywhere using just your phone to guide you.

While the Prayer Room sections are the same, the design is new, fresh, and beautiful. You can still see the reflection wall and answered prayers. In addition, there is a new section called “Selah,” which means to pause. Here, you’ll find encouraging verses from the Bible submitted by JV missionaries for you to take a break from life and meditate on any time you access your phone.

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The response to the app has been encouraging as people have begun to use it.

“I love this app SO MUCH!  I love the option for short prayer sessions. I am so thankful that JV has invested in this. It has already been a blessing to my morning coffee time.”

“In life where everything seems harder and more complicated, it is so nice to enjoy something that makes life easier and more pleasant. This app has brought me joy.”

“Today, I was overwhelmed by how amazing it is that I can open up my phone and pray through scripture and the JV family's needs. Thank you to everyone who worked to make the dream of this app a reality!! To God be the glory!!”

We pray that this app will indeed result in God’s glory across this region of the world as we pray and ask him for the spread of the Gospel to go far and wide. We long to see young people’s lives changed by the transforming work of Jesus Christ.

Join us in prayer soon, and try the new JV Prayer Room app! Stand in faith with us and ask God for the keys of his Kingdom, and that through prayer, his will be done across Central and Eastern Europe.

“Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” (Matthew 6:9-10).

* The Android version will be ready later this year. 



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