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Into the Harvest

Dear Friends,

I stood in the back, because there were no empty chairs. But that gave me the best view of all.  

A room packed with 133 college students, all giving their summer to share the gospel with thousands of Central and Eastern European young people.  Enthusiasm and energy bounces off the walls.  They are full of passion for Jesus, and for his mission.  

In just a couple of days they would fan out across 13 countries, working with local churches and leading 110 evangelistic camps.  They will be the agents of transformation for so many they come in contact with this summer.   Along the way, God will change them as well.

Looking across the room I saw many faces I knew.  Over forty of these interns are from Central and Eastern Europe, and many of them came to Christ a few years ago in camps like the ones that they will lead this summer.  This is the body of Christ - multinational, family, connected to the Head, and joining his redemptive mission.  Joyful, so alive, full of hope.

They know how to worship and pray.  Every one of them took huge steps of faith to trust God for the financial resources to serve during these crucial summer months.  Some have non-Christian parents who think their kids are crazy.  Maybe they are.

I didn’t stand in the back the entire time.  Every evening I wound my way to the front of the packed room, and opened the Word of God with them.  We talked about knowing God as Father, how our identity can only be found when we embrace who we are in Christ. He gives us a place in his throne room, and in his plan.  When we join the Father’s work we find true purpose and meaning.  These are precious truths for young adults with most of life’s big decisions still looming before them.

We laid hands on them and commissioned them into the Master’s work last night.  They piled into cars and vans and headed for the harvest field today.  I can’t wait to hear how God uses them. 

The room is empty now. But I’m still standing in the back, supporting them in prayer.  Will you stand there with me?

Grateful for these precious servants,

President, Josiah Venture



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