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Five Generations

Dear Friends, 

When Klemen trusted Christ through JV missionaries in Slovenia at 16 years of age, he never imagined that he would one day be in their shoes.  Now, ten years later, he is leading a JV team of six summer interns in Albania, a country hundreds of miles away from his own. What they are accomplishing together is amazing.

All but one on the intern team are first generation believers, many from Muslim homes. Ranging from 18-21 years of age, it was a huge step of faith for them to set aside their summer to share the gospel with young people. First came the barrier of raising financial support—something new and absolutely foreign in their culture; yet, they moved ahead in faith and were deeply touched with how God miraculously provided for their needs.

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Next was the question of how to share the gospel and minister to others. After five days of intensive training, they settled into a steady rhythm of an hour and a half together in the Word every day, followed by practical application. During the weeks of camp, each of them had specific responsibilities. Xhoni, David, Ardit, Verina, Kaltra and Gervalda all learned to serve in the same way as Jesus taught his disciples—in the trenches of daily ministry to others.

God blessed their efforts! At a recent camp, there were 46 unbelievers and 35 of them made professions of faith in Christ. Now the interns are working to follow up in the villages where these young people came from—training and equipping local churches to lead weekly discipleship groups with the new believers.

One of these small groups started their meeting by reviewing camp memories. A 12 year old girl called Eliana named her highlight as the reflection and quiet after the gospel presentation on one of the evenings. “It is the first time I have ever experienced God’s love and that has changed me forever,” she said, with emotion and understanding that went far beyond her years.

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Klemen is not serving alone; he is being led by Caleb, a JV missionary who works year-round with the youth group these interns come from, and invests in Albanian youth leaders.

Since Caleb is my son, this makes five generations of Christ followers in this story—being transformed and transforming others with the love of the Father and the redemption of Jesus. Pray that Eliana will pass it on.

Thanks for making this possible through your gifts and prayers,

President, Josiah Venture



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