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Become a Ukrainian

Dear Friends,

I am now, officially, a Ukrainian.

At least that is what a group of Ukrainian teenagers told me after I passed through their gauntlet of tests at our recent Fusiondary festival. After eating bread with strange meat and very spicy mustard, participating in an enthusiastic Ukrainian tug of war, reciting a Ukrainian poem (or rather, mouthing random words while they all chanted in unison), and donning traditional Ukrainian clothes for a photo-op, they made the solemn pronouncement. I am now Ukrainian.

Of course I believe them! This group of 60 teenagers are part of our new Fusion music ministry in Ukraine. They had just invested months practicing music, weeks working on getting visas to the Czech Republic, traveled a sleepless night on the bus (with five hours of wait at the Polish border), and now were spending the weekend with 600 other teenagers from eight countries at our annual Fusiondary festival.  

They sang, played instruments, expressed their creativity, and learned a lot about the God who created them. Since over half of them don’t yet know Jesus, this weekend could change the rest of their lives – and the next one.

Ukraine continues to experience political upheaval, still torn by a protracted war with separatists who want to return to mother Russia. Most of the teens could barely afford the $20 we charged them to make the trip. But whatever was lacking in resources they more than made up for in enthusiasm and heart. Click here to hear more about the movement of God in Ukraine.

Our JV Ukraine team is no different. This Fusion music ministry exists because talented young missionaries left well paying jobs in the States to move to Ukraine. It exists because outstanding young Ukrainians have stepped out in faith to join the team and give everything they have to see the gospel spread.

These JV staff traveled 8 hours each way on a train once a week to launch a Fusion choir in Odessa and five hours another direction to launch one in Kiev. God is using them to train hundreds of youth leaders in local churches, and reach young people who would have never heard the good news.

Would you pray with me that many thousands of young people would turn to Christ because of their efforts?

Please support my fellow Ukrainians.

Grateful for you,

President, Josiah Venture



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