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Anything and Everything

At the end of Paul’s letter to the Christians in Philippi, he says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

The Josiah Venture team has practiced this kind of prayer for five years, bringing anything and everything into the Josiah Venture Prayer Room. This hub, available online and through iPhone and Android apps, allows our team and people worldwide to join in praying for specific needs our team is experiencing.

Right now, there are requests in the Prayer Room for the salvation of specific young people and for the growth of new believers who met Jesus at camps this summer.

A teammate in Ukraine is asking for God’s provision of a new van for ministry on the eastern side of Ukraine, where war is still a daily reality. Another teammate in Romania battling cancer is asking for God’s healing and provision for his family as he endures this trial.

Our team in Latvia is praying for open doors to work with youth leaders in Russian-speaking churches, and, in Hungary, the team is praying for the development of Edge sports through soccer.

At any given time, there are over 100 current requests in the Prayer Room for JV events, countries, and ministry highways, as well as personal requests from the missionaries themselves.

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Over the past five years, the Josiah Venture team has posted more than 4400 prayer requests, putting into practice Paul’s admonition to pray about everything.

What have been the results of lifting up these requests in prayer? 

Before we answer this question, consider that an essential aspect of time spent in prayer is its impact on our relationship with God. When we fix our eyes on him, whether that’s in adoration, confession, thanksgiving, or making requests, we deepen our trust, love, and confidence in him. This is a vital part of the Prayer Room experience.

But God has also answered many of our requests. During the past five years, the JV team has posted more than 3800 answers to prayer. Many students have come to know Jesus, new youth ministries have begun, believers’ lives have been transformed, and needs of all kinds have been met, thanks to the Lord’s intervention through people's prayers.

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If you look at the Answered Prayer section of the Prayer Room website, there is no doubt you’ll be encouraged by what God is doing across Central and Eastern Europe as we pray for his movement in this area of the world.

Why does God tell us to bring everything and anything to him in prayer? 

We get to know him as we tune into his heart and recognize our frailty and his greatness. It allows us to exercise our faith in God while, at the same time, helping us to bend our will to his. And one of the most exciting parts of prayer is partnering with him and seeing his will accomplished!

The Josiah Venture team also recognizes that no movement of God is fueled without prayer. So, it is also an act of obedience to both petition him for his work in the lives of young people and for how he wants to expand his Kingdom across this region of the world.

Join us in the Prayer Room, online or on a mobile app, to pray for his movement across Central and Eastern Europe through the Josiah Venture team!



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