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20 Questions to End 2020 - Part 2

Did you miss it? Do you know what surprised Brooke Stevens in 2020? Did you read what Scott Molvar’s mantra would be for 2020? Do you know what one of our own JVK’s, Asher Hartman, learned from something that didn’t go well—basically all of 2020?? If you missed it, go back and click here to read the first 10 answers to our 2 part blog post—20 Questions to End 2020. And if you’re all caught up . . . . 

Here are the last 10 questions. We had so much fun reading these answers and cheering on our fellow teammates, laughing alongside them, and celebrating their victories. It got us thinking that maybe you have funny moments from 2020 or your own victories that weren’t highlighted here. But, they could be . . .around your own dinner table or with other friends. 

We want to encourage you to take these questions and ask them of yourself, and share your answers with others! Post them on social media and mention @josiahventure, or just talk about them in your context. When we remember God’s faithfulness in our lives this year through intentional questions, our faith becomes stronger, our losses become wins, and he becomes central to our stories. 

Now, without further ado . . . . . 

11) What's a skill you have gained confidence in this year?
“This past year, I gained confidence in speaking Czech. Even though we serve in Latvia, my wife's family is from Czech and speaks Czech only, which is why I have begun learning a third language. I still have a long way to go, but am able to have basic conversations.”—David Roney, Latvia 

12) What did you change your mind about this year?
“I’ve changed my mind about how to connect with God. I’ve always struggled to know how to make the “best use” of my time with Him, filling it to the brim with prayers and meditations on Scripture. I’ve learned, now, that He wants even more for me to just come and be with Him.”—Jill Ellenwood, Montenegro

13) 2020 was a difficult year to stay on mission. What surprised you about staying on mission this year?
“The thing that surprised me most this year was the fact that when life’s circumstances make you close the door of your own house, God can open a window through a zoom call. The biggest surprise was that sometimes discipleship was even more possible and easier than before COVID. Students are more open because they can hide behind their screen.”—Natalia Starkowska, Poland

20 Question To End 2020 Pt2 In Text1

14) How has what you enjoy shifted this year?
“Since I spent most of this year inside, I started developing a new passion and skill—restoring old wood. I grew up with a wood carver (my dad) and a carpenter (my grandfather). My childhood toys consisted of wood, nails, and a hammer. Now, at the end of the day, I usually work for 15-20 minutes on my projects. It is a time to unwind, relax, and do something repetitive and physical. Sometimes I want to work more, but I need to wait for a surface to dry or for a treatment to work before the next step. This restoration process is a pale image for the work God is doing in my own life. He gently restores me step by step.”—Diana (DU) Anton, Romania 

15) Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would you want as a dinner guest?
“If I could choose anyone in the world as a dinner guest, at the moment, my choice would fall either on someone really close to my heart, yet far away, or a total stranger. Someone with whom I could remember good old days or share hope of future friendship.”—Bojan Ostojić, Serbia

16) If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?
“I would want to wake up and be able to speak the Czech language perfectly. That way, I would be able to more effectively share the gospel and disciple the youth I work with in the Czech Republic.”—Landen Llamas, Czech Republic 

20 Question To End 2020 Pt2 In Text2

17) What is something that was hard for you at the start of the year but is easy now?
“For me, resting well was hard at the beginning but is easy now. Life slowed down, and it was challenging because I was used to being active and busy as a missionary. But this year, God has taught me that resting well (and resting in him) is how he designed us to live and work.”—Chris Loux, Ukraine 

18) Of the books you read this year, which was your favorite? Why?
Atomic Habits—An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear. Mainly because of how COVID has stripped us of external life and work structures … and what you're left with is your habits to pull you forward. Mine have proven to be lacking, so the tools in this book have been helpful.”—Josh Patty, Slovenia 

19) If you could go back one year, what would you tell yourself before you entered 2020?
“If I could go back one year, before entering 2020, I would tell myself: ‘Calm down! Don't worry! Look around. There are so many things you can be satisfied in. Enjoy!  Every hug is meaningful: having a small group, coming to church, sharing meals, and singing in the choir. All this is a grace of God and a gift everyday! Be courageous to step into what God is calling you to, but ALSO be ready to see more of God's work in the narrower space—in the hardships and restrictions. Even THERE, he is AWESOME!’"—Olya Meland, Ukraine 

20) Looking ahead to 2021, what is one thing you will remember about 2020?
“Our first Zoom church calls were a comedy of errors. Anything that could go wrong did, but those moments really bonded a lot of us behind the scenes and brought wonderful moments of laughter and joy to the heaviness of the week. Well, maybe not for the tech guys.”—Rob Chestnut, Czech Republic



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