Josiah Venture

A movement of God among the youth
of Central and Eastern Europe that finds
its home in the local church and
transforms society.

The world has changed, but the gospel is still the same. And God is moving in a unique way across Central and Eastern Europe as young men and women are being touched by the message of Jesus Christ. Some of this is being sparked by the dedication, sacrifice and service of a missionary team called Josiah Venture.

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Next Gen Leaders: Edgars’ Story

August 2014 | Filed under: EventsSpotlightStories

Edgars Deksnis comes from a Baptist family in Latvia. When he fully committed his life to following Christ at the age of 20, God began giving Edgars leadership opportunities at church and youth group. Today, he and his wife Anete, and their newborn baby, live in Riga where they serve with Fusion, JV’s music ministry, and have recently started a church plant.

Q: What was your relationship with God like growing up?

A: Honestly, I knew there was a God since my birth. My parents always took me to church. I come from a Baptist background. Of course, when I was a child it was easier. When I became a teenager I started saying, “No, thank you.”

But I saw that there were certain situations where I needed to go to church because my father believed it was the most important thing, at least on Sundays.

Still, I didn’t really get excited about going to church. It was more of a social club, but I didn’t really like the people there. It wasn’t for me.

I knew about God from …


Dave & Geri Fuehring

Welcome our new staff

Dave & Geri Fuehring The Fuehring family is sensing God leading them to move to Czech to use their passion in both youth and international ministries in the Moravian region of Czech.

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Next Gen Leaders: Edgars’ Story

Next Gen Leaders: Edgars’ Story

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Latvia Then & Now

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God Waited for Me: Mana’s Story


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