Josiah Venture

A movement of God among the youth
of Central and Eastern Europe that finds
its home in the local church and
transforms society.

The world has changed, but the gospel is still the same. And God is moving in a unique way across Central and Eastern Europe as young men and women are being touched by the message of Jesus Christ. Some of this is being sparked by the dedication, sacrifice and service of a missionary team called Josiah Venture.

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Looking at the Present Through the Lens of the Past

March 2015 | Filed under: EventsSpotlightStories

Dear Friends,

To be honest, it is hard for me to follow world news these days. The brutality of the ISIS fighters and the devastation being experienced in Ukraine are causing so much human suffering. I feel for these people, but at the same time feel powerless to bring any change.

For me these stories hit close to home since Central and Eastern Europe has seen two such waves of injustice in one generation. The quick succession of Hitler’s atrocities and communist totalitarianism were devastating to this region. People my age remember the second very well, and those my parent’s age had to endure both.

Yet today most of Central and Eastern Europe has unprecedented religious freedom and stability. We can share the gospel freely, even in schools. The torture chambers are silent; the concentration camps have been changed into tourist destinations.

How did this happen? Looking at the present through the lens of the past, here are a couple of lessons for us.

  • Prayer …


Tim & Sue Cheshire

Welcome our new staff

Tim & Sue Cheshire After spending the last 20 years pioneering new ways to reach young people through music throughout the UK and Europe, Tim and Sue Cheshire are thrilled to bring their knowledge and experience to further develop and promote EXIT Tour.

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Looking at the Present Through the Lens of the Past

Looking at the Present Through the Lens of the Past

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Lasting Change

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Changed Dreams: Syava’s Story


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