Josiah Venture

A movement of God among the youth
of Central and Eastern Europe that finds
its home in the local church and
transforms society.

The world has changed, but the gospel is still the same. And God is moving in a unique way across Central and Eastern Europe as young men and women are being touched by the message of Jesus Christ. Some of this is being sparked by the dedication, sacrifice and service of a missionary team called Josiah Venture.

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Changed Dreams: Syava’s Story

December 2014 | Filed under: ArticlesSpotlightStories

Syava Garvas, a Ukrainian from Lviv, thought he had his life planned out. At 16 years old, he wanted to finish high school, attend university, and get a job that would make him rich. In a country known for its corruption, the people with the wealth held the power, so who wouldn’t want to be a successful businessman? Syava’s dreams changed though, when he decided to work for his local church for a year. Now, 14 years later, Syava is in full-time youth ministry with Josiah Venture, pursuing God and what lasts forever.

Q: How did you first encounter God?

A: I accepted Christ around 14 years ago when I was almost 17. I didn’t know about Josiah Venture at that time at all. My friend accepted Christ. I was thinking he was crazy, but he invited me to come to church. I said I would come for one reason: to find out what was wrong there.

I wasn’t interested in the clubs or hanging out with the youth. I was more interested in the preaching. But later on, I met a lot of the …


Mihael & Alenka Švagan

Welcome our new staff

Mihael & Alenka Švagan Mihael has been involved in evangelism and church planting in Maribor, Slovenia, since 1997. He teaches trombone to high school students at Maribor Music Conservatory and Alenka works as a community nurse.

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Changed Dreams: Syava’s Story

Changed Dreams: Syava’s Story

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