Josiah Venture

A movement of God among the youth
of Central and Eastern Europe that finds
its home in the local church and
transforms society.

The world has changed, but the gospel is still the same. And God is moving in a unique way across Central and Eastern Europe as young men and women are being touched by the message of Jesus Christ. Some of this is being sparked by the dedication, sacrifice and service of a missionary team called Josiah Venture.

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Ukraine Then & Now

November 2014 | Filed under: EventsSpotlightStories

Josiah Venture missionaries, Ben Williams and Syava Garvas, walked down the hallway of energetic junior highers and into a classroom of 7th and 8th grade Ukrainians ready to learn some English.

Okay, God, Ben thought, let’s do this.

The team had been praying for chances to connect with more students and the opportunity to teach English once a week in Syava’s alma mater was one way God answered.

It was 2008 and as Ben looked at the faces of his new students, he smiled with anticipation and hope at the possibilities that the desks in front of him held.

Ukraine Then

In Josiah Venture’s early years as an organization, Ukraine was a country on the minds and hearts of many of the missionaries. In the 90s people were already praying for ministry opportunities there and by 2005 JV Poland was sending Polish youth groups on trips to serve in Ukraine.

It took time for JV to have a full-time team there, but in 2006 the Hughes family moved to Ukraine so that Jay and Cameron …


Juliana Law

Welcome our new staff

Juliana Law God opened the door for Juliana to join JV in January of 2012.  Never before has she felt so deeply that this is exactly what God has designed and created her to do.

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Ukraine Then & Now

Ukraine Then & Now

A Rescue Mission

A Rescue Mission

U-Turn: Vahur’s Story

U-Turn: Vahur’s Story


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