Internship Opportunities

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General Description

Slovenia is a small European country with only 2.1 million people. The landscape is extremely beautiful with the Alps, hills, forests, and sea. The spiritual landscape, however, is bleak with less than 2,000 evangelical believers. (That translates to .01% of the population). But God is working! We are seeing a new generation of youth rising up as disciples of Jesus who want to disciple others. 

Interns serving in Slovenia play a key role in practically living out God’s love and telling young Slovenes the truth of the gospel. We want interns who are ready to experience God’s love and, in turn, look outward and build relationships with the love of God. 

After training at the start of your internship, you will join JV Slovenia staff to promote camps in schools and participate in a variety of youth ministry activities. You will be involved in leading 1-2 evangelistic English camps for high school and junior high students. English camps are a vital tool in bringing the gospel to youth and are a significant bridge to year-round relational ministries rooted in a local church.

At the camps you will build relationships with non-Christian campers, help teach conversational English, assist in leading evening programs (consisting of music, drama, games, and testimonies), and encourage young leaders in the local churches you partner with. This is a high-energy, relational ministry that requires a great love for students and a desire to build new relationships. 

An internship in Slovenia requires humility, initiative, and hard work, but it is all under the care of our amazing staff who want to truly see you and challenge you to be who God has made you to be. If you are ready to get out of your comfort zone and live for others during this experiential internship, there is a good chance this will be the most formative summer of your life.

Dates of Service

May 24, 2022- August 5, 2022


$4,870 (includes training, administration, in-field travel, food, lodging and airfare) You will also have the opportunity to raise an additional $2500 towards a stipend, which will be paid to you after the completion of the internship.


The support raising deadline is May 1. Once a $100 deposit is received, the JV office will open an account and the intern will receive a link to access their account online. The account will be updated once per week. These donations are tax deductible and should be made payable and mailed to the JV office. Donations made payable to Josiah Venture cannot be transferred to the ministry of another organization or used for educational purposes, nor can they be returned to the donor.


International flights will be arranged through Josiah Venture after the first $500 of support is raised by the intern.  A visa is not required.

COVID-19 Compliance/ Insurance

To comply with government restrictions in Europe and so interns can fulfill the ministry requirements of their internship, it is necessary for all interns to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. As a result, interns are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to departure from their home country. An up-to-date tetanus shot is also recommended. Basic overseas health insurance coverage will be provided by Josiah Venture for all US interns.


The summer begins with a week of training in the Czech Republic. You will then be located at Josiah Venture camps throughout Eastern and Central Europe.

In-Field Transportation

Cars, trains, trams, buses, walking, etc.


The $100 deposit will be refunded (application fee is non-refundable) if the JV office is notified before March 1. If withdrawal is made on or after March 2, the deposit will not be refunded. All donations will remain with Josiah Venture.