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General Description

Estonia gained its independence miraculously, but 99% of the nation is still in need to gain spiritual freedom, and this can start with the young people.

Josiah Venture in Estonia (locally called “Koma”) is investing in the next generation of leaders in the local churches. Interns play a great role in working together with local churches reaching out to the youth–especially during the summer as Koma carries out programs and discipleship.

You will be involved in leading evangelistic English camps for high school and university-age students. The English camps are a vital tool in bringing the gospel to young people in a relevant and relaxed environment.

During the first month you will be involved in a week of training, as well as visiting schools and traveling to different youth groups to promote and prepare for English camps and participate in a variety of youth ministry activities. At the camps you will teach conversational English, build relationships with non-Christian campers, assist in leading evening programs consisting of music, drama, games, and testimonies, and encourage youth leaders in the local churches you partner with.

You will experience a balance of evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training of national students and youth leaders. This is a high-energy ministry that requires a great love for students. Be prepared for a very busy and stretching schedule that will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!

Dates of Service

May 28, 2025- August 2, 2025




The support raising deadline is May 1. Once an intern has been accepted, the JV office will open an account and the intern will receive a link to access their account online. The account will be updated once per week. These donations are tax deductible and should be made payable and mailed to the JV office. Donations made payable to Josiah Venture cannot be transferred to the ministry of another organization or used for educational purposes, nor can they be returned to the donor.


International flights will be arranged through Josiah Venture after the first $500 of support is raised by the intern.  A visa is not required.

Vaccinations and Insurance

Up-to-date tetanus, and COVID vaccinations are recommended, but not required for an internship in this country/program. Basic overseas health insurance coverage will be provided by Josiah Venture for all US interns.


The summer begins with a week of training in the Czech Republic. You will then be located at Josiah Venture camps throughout Eastern and Central Europe.

In-Field Transportation

Cars, trains, trams, buses, walking, etc.


All donations will remain with Josiah Venture.

Application Deadline is January 31, 2025