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Unique Opportunity for H2O

This fall we have had a rare and significant opportunity come our way. A neighbour to h2o wants to sell his property. Since we are hemmed in by a lake and a river this is one of the few opportunities to expand.

There is a 300sq.m. (3229 sq.ft) building on the property already. We see an incredible potential in this practical and functional space. We plan on using it as additional accommodation for smaller groups. This property also brings us some additional parking to the main facility and acquiring it would mean that we own almost all the land between our facility and the road that borders us. We foresee an annual gain of about $19,000 once the building is fulfilling its purpose. At present we need to raise $92 000 (or $29/square foot) in order to implement our business plan. Would you consider investing in this along with us?

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