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Ukraine Training Center

A strategic training center in the city of Lviv will accelerate our efforts to reach the 99% of Ukrainians who do not find their home in the evangelical church. The new training center will increase our capacity to train 3-4 times the number of leaders we currently train. We plan to create a home for God’s movement in Eastern Europe where young leaders will be equipped to make disciples. The building will include meeting rooms for 200, 80, and 20 as well as dining space, housing, and areas for fellowship and meetings. The roof-top will house sports courts and one floor will be a source of rental income to cover the operational cost of the building. The current land owner is ready to sell if we can provide the funds during the next four months. The financial need to complete the phase of the land purchase is $375,000.

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Land Purchase for Training Centre In Ukraine $50 - 7500 remaining

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