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Ukraine Summer Outreach

The ongoing war in Ukraine has deeply impacted the young generation, as many fathers are fighting on the front lines, and regular air raid sirens are sending families into basements for protection. Over 8 million people are internally displaced and 7 million have fled to surrounding countries as refugees.

This summer, the Josiah Venture team is working to reach these Ukrainian young people through summer camps and outreach events. We are providing full scholarships for 2,000 young people to attend week-long camps, both in Ukraine and in the surrounding countries. In addition, we are initiating over 50 creative outreach events in 15 countries, with a goal of reaching another 2,000-3,000 young refugees with the good news of Jesus.

This is a unique opportunity to bring spiritual care to hurting Ukrainian young people. Would you consider giving a gift to help us cover the cost of outreach events or help us provide scholarships for Ukrainians to attend these strategic camps? Your donation today to our Ukraine Summer Outreach fund will directly support this effort.

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