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Strengthening Relationships with Bulgarian Leaders and Churches Post-COVID

This summer we will host our 6th annual national multi-camp with an expected 120 attendees. COVID took a toll on relationships with local churches and youth groups. We plan to use this event to strengthen our relationships with key partner churches in Bulgaria and invest in key youth leaders as they will be discipling their teams and sharing Christ with their unbelieving friends. The Lord has also opened doors with new churches and we will use this national multi-camp as a means to engage the hearts of these leaders and youth and introduce them to our EDGE and Fusion ministries. We will need $7,800 to offer scholarships to make this camp affordable for students whose families would not be able to send them to this event.

Scholarship for Youth Leaders, EDGE Coaches and Youth: 120 @ $65 for a total project cost of $7,800.

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