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Slovenia Worship Project

Help us awaken worshipers and Slovene worship songs in a country where 99% of songs are translated and worship has lost its fervor.

Utrip Kraljestva ministry team has a vision to work in 4 areas: Equipping worship teams, writing Slovene worship songs, recording worship songs and testimonials, and creating opportunities for Slovene churches to worship together.

- The team is working to record videos and testimonials mainly by young adults or youth from across Slovenia. They engage students to use their gifts for His Kingdom and are uniting the churches through worshiping together.

- Worship teams are being coached via video conference or physical presence during their worship practices. This includes a minimum of three months shepherding worship leaders and teams. The ministry team is developing the worship leaders by teaching on the heart of worship and equipping them in the technical skills of worship.

- The team is leading summer camps and weekend retreats where worship song workshops are held.

- The team's worship videos have served many on-line church services during covid restrictions.

Recording Budget:
- Worship Song Production (studio rental, mix and master process, musicians, legal rights) $3,300
- Worship Devotional Production (equipment, printing, writers) $800
- Video Production $400

The total project cost is $4,500

Enter the quantity for each item below:

Worship Song Production $3,300 - 1 remaining
Worship Devotionals Production $800 - 1 remaining
Video Production $400 - 1 remaining

Total: $0.00