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University Treehouse Project

The University Treehouse vision is to see a thriving house network in JV university
cities where students are living in a caring community under the intentional
discipleship of mature Christ-followers, partnered with local churches, and
becoming deeply rooted fruitful disciple-makers.

  • We will fulfill our mission by establishing these Treehouses in university cities where Josiah Venture already has a footprint.
  • We will fulfill our mission by ensuring that these university students are spiritually maturing and reproducing, modeling Christ’s method of discipleship over a 1 or 2 year period. The length of their participation in the “in-home” program will depend upon at which level of spiritual maturity the student begins the program.
  • We will fulfill our mission by ensuring that the Christ followers leading each Treehouse are actively cultivating spiritual, physical and emotional health in their personal, married and family life (whichever is applicable) and that they continue to grow their spiritual roots ever deeper both personally and corporately with a local church so as to abundantly flourish.
  • We will fulfill our mission by ensuring these students have an intentional and vital relationship with a local church committed to them and their spiritual growth.
  • The budget below includes costs for a project pilot in Bratislava, Slovakia in the 2021/22 school year.

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Furnishings for Student Housing $50 - 85 remaining
Scholarships for rent and materials $50 - 142 remaining
Hosting students for meals $50 - 20 remaining
Development of future Treehouse hosts $50 - 14 remaining

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