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Plan A: Discipleship Deepened

In the 2021/22 school year, Fala decided to focus on a new ministry. We called it Plan A: Deepened Discipleship. Each of our missionaries invited 1-2 leaders of the young generation to take part in a year long discipleship program. After observing an amazing growth and seeing a lot of fruit in the participants and the missionaries as well we had no hesitation to continue Plan A. In this program every leader will be led in a deep and intentional way by a missionary (meetings every other week) and will lead 2 young people in a similar way. Taking the relationship of Paul and Timothy as an example we desire to see multiplication in discipleship beyond our pairs. Our Pauls and Timothies will focus on 3 aspects of discipleship: power of relationships, power of identity and power of fruitfulness. And three weekend trainings will equip and inspire participants to make discipleship their style of living. Our prayer is that God again will use Plan A again to build discipleship in our country. We believe that it will be possible through the relationships of 27 Pauls with 31 Timothies (8 Pauls for this school year graduated from the first edition of our Plan A). It will cost $900 for each Timothy to participate in “Plan A” this year. It’s an incredible opportunity to not only to support these 33 young leaders, but a couple hundred young people who will be discipled this year through them. Would you consider helping us meet this cost by sponsoring this program? On average, one week of participation is $33.

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