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Expanding the H20 Impact during COVID

God provided our beautiful meeting tent in 2019. Since then we haven’t been able to buy plastic chairs to provide seats for campers, students, and families. Instead, we have been transporting our conference chairs back and forth between conference rooms and tents.

This summer we are expecting to host 13 camps for more than 1,000 people. With COVID-19 restrictions our tents are being used more often for main programs and activities, yet moving chairs back and forth damages them and takes a couple of hours to do. We hope to create a comfortable space for our guests this summer. We will need $10,500 for 400 chairs, 50 tables, and a transport cart.

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H2O Tables $80 - 50 remaining
H2O Chairs $15 - 400 remaining
H2O Transport Cart $500 - 1 remaining

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