Yulia & Sasha Pasichni

Ester, Levi

When Yulia and Sasha Pasichni decided to attend a teen outreach club hosted by New Life Church in Lviv, Ukraine, they had no idea how much their lives would change. It was there that these two teenagers not only met each other, but they also met Christ for the first time. As their passion for Jesus grew, so did their love for youth ministry. They became very involved in youth leadership, and in 2008, they helped lead the first JV English camp at New Life.

Over the years, they continued assisting Josiah Venture Ukraine with camps, training, local ministry, and Fusion. In 2011, Yulia began serving the JV team administratively and with special projects. Two years later, she was asked to join JV Ukraine full-time as the Evangelism Camp Administrator. In 2018, Yulia started to serve as the country team administrator. Yulia and Sasha, with their children Ester (2016) and Levi (2019), have been serving in a new church called Eklesia, helping with worship and the ministry of hospitality. Currently, Yulia and Sasha serve across the border and are involved in administrative work for their National Organisation.

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