Juliana Law

Juliana began working with youth as a teenager herself in a military youth group in Germany. At first she struggled with these rowdy middle schoolers, yet after their first retreat together, God began to grow a deep love for discipling the next generation. Her first experience with Josiah Venture also began in high school as in 1996 she went with her high school youth group on her first mission trip to help lead a Polish English camp. After college, she began working full time with Cadence to build youth ministry for military students. This continued to lead her to Eastern Europe with mission trips for military students, and along with her slavic roots, eventually led her to Ukraine.

In February of 2015 she moved to serve full time with the JV Ukraine team and also began partnering with her local church, Grapevine. She uses English as a tool to build ministry for youth, as she teaches English in schools and has two English clubs. She also focuses on Girl’s Ministry, as she is working to build up ministry for girls in local churches through investing in leaders, and nationally through trainings for leaders and conferences for girls.

When the war in Ukraine started she was evacuated to Poland and worked at one of the JV hubs for receiving refugees. She worked in Poland for the first few months of the war helping evacuate buses of Ukrainians, find homes and help provide for the numerous needs of refugees as they were evacuated. She is grateful that on June 2nd, she was able to return to her life and home in Lviv, Ukraine. Her focus now also includes trauma and grief retreats for Ukrainian leaders. She is confident that serving and loving Ukrainian people as she battles along side them in this war is the greatest privilege of her life.

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