Urh & Doroteja Kolar

Doroteja and Urh both grew up in Slovenia, but in very different families. However, neither of them believed in God growing up. Doroteja first heard about Jesus in 2011, at an English camp. Through many conversations, and after another camp, she accepted Christ as her savior. Urh started coming to Fusion in Celje, Slovenia in 2013, and they met at Fusion camp that same year. That was where Urh met Jesus, and decided to give his life to him. Two years later, they interned together in Celje, and spent the summer learning how to resolve conflicts with each other. For the last couple of years, they have been leaders with Fusion in Celje, where they are discipling youth, and meeting with them one-on-one. Urh is a photographer and videographer for the communications team for Josiah Venture's national organization in Slovenia, Društvo Več. Doroteja writes blogs for them, and leads an administrative team for Društvo Več. Doroteja and Urh got married in March of 2018. They now live and serve in Celje. They count it a great privilege, and find it very special, to be able to serve in their home country, and tell students about Jesus, because they remember how lost they both were, and how meeting Jesus changed both of their lives forever.

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