Alin Udrea

Growing up in a large family, Alin has always loved to play and work with children. By his first year of high school, he was already volunteering for underprivileged children from a center in Bucharest. He came to know God through the youth work led by Bogdan and Diana Anton in Bucharest. From that moment, his life changed radically. He began to serve in the local church wherever he found an opportunity and became involved in working with young people next to Bogdan. On account of his newfound love of reaching the youth of Romania with the gospel message, the engineering field, his major in school, became increasingly less and less attractive. He began to pray that God would direct his steps in another direction. Upon graduating, and on account of Alin’s love for youth and many prayers, he joined Bogdan to help initiate Josiah Venture Edge Sports in Romania. Alin's greatest dream is to see his father and brothers turned to God.

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