Jakub & Monika Vejmělka

In 2013 Jakub and Monika felt the need to build a youth ministry alongside Fusion within their church, Evangelical Fellowship, situated in Brno. God gave them vision to build a community where everyone can meet Christ's love and be changed by it - no matter what they come with. Despite having little experience with leading young people, they launched the ministry called WAVE. They persevered through many challenges along the way and God's blessing and leadership turned this youth ministry into a growing community of both believers and non-believers.

Because of this long and difficult journey, Jakub understands how difficult it is to stand alone, not fully equipped and supported in leadership of young people. In the spring of 2018, God called him to become a manager of the RiseUp ministry in the Czech national organization of Josiah Venture. This ministry helps young leaders build and lead healthy growing communities - drawing people closer to Jesus, welcoming them to be part of something greater, where their lives can experience transformation from the Lord.

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