Katerina Roney

Katka, like many other young people in Czech, first came in contact with Josiah Venture through English Camps. This one-week camp in the summer of 1995 was life-changing; Katka accepted Christ as her Savior and began her journey as His disciple. She attended Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania and graduated with a degree in Bible in December 2003. Upon her graduation, she returned to Czech and joined Josiah Venture. Katka served on the B-team, walking alongside nationals throughout JV to use her experience in the area of care and training as a support to their existing ministries. In the summer of 2015, Katka moved to Latvia and joined the Josiah Venture team there. She is excited to bring her experience and gifts from her time serving with JV in Czech to Latvian churches. She wants to see young people become disciples of Christ, training and equipping them as they become the next generation leaders who reach their country.

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