Joel & Ellen Hopkins

Eliana and Johanna

During a Founders Week Conference in Chicago, Joel heard Jim Cymbala talk about the need for pastors overseas and started to heavily consider missions. A trip to the Ukraine kindled Joel’s desire to serve in a former Communist country. God’s calling became more specific after a Reformation class and hearing about the need for missionaries in the Eastern part of Ellen’s home country of Germany. After hearing how much Josiah Venture’s mission and core values aligned with their heart, they inquired about the possibility of starting a JV ministry in East Germany. Two vision trips later, the couple and the Josiah Venture leadership are excited about the openness and potential for equipping young leaders in this part of the world. Joel and Ellen are currently raising support to lead the first team of JV missionaries in Leipzig, Germany. They hope to move to Leipzig with their daughter Eliana within the year.


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