Ross & Julie Ohnesorg

Abigail, Evelynn, Tobias, Ilsa

While attending college in 2005, Ross was able to live in eastern Germany for close to a year. During his stay, he saw the need for the gospel in that region and the hope and joy that a relationship with Jesus would bring. He shared his stories and his passion for the young people of Germany with Julie. When they attended the Josiah Venture (JV) Fall Conference and during their subsequent visit to Germany in 2017, Ross and Julie were able to see, firsthand, the work that God was doing through JV. For Julie, the trip in 2017 brought Ross’ stories to life as she was able to see the need and opportunity for the gospel in that region herself. Later in 2018, Ross was able to return to Germany for a JV English camp. Currently, Ross leads the middle school youth group at their local church, while Julie helps out with the senior high youth group and Sunday school. Working with youth has been a large part of life for both Ross and Julie. Ross and Julie first met at a Christian camp in high school, and they are excited to continue their camp story by serving as Camps Directors in Germany with their family when they arrive in the spring of 2021. Ross and Julie have 4 kids: Abigail (2008), Evelynn (2010), Tobias (2013), Ilsa (2013).

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