Erin DeLisa

Erin’s first experience with Josiah Venture was serving at an English camp in the Czech Republic in the summer of 2002. It was at this camp that God first gave her a love for the students of Central and Eastern Europe and a desire to one day return to Czech. Over ten years and numerous camps later, she is excited to have the opportunity to join Josiah Venture full-time. Erin will be serving as a member of the Bteam, working as the executive assistant. In this role, she will work closely with the executive vice president, assisting with administrative tasks, to help fulfill the Bteam’s mission of providing access to care, support, and resources. She is excited to use her gifts and experience of administration in support of the vision of Josiah Venture, as well as to be involved in the local church. She hopes to move to Czech by the end of the Summer of 2013.


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