Michal Soukup

During his 18 year long journey as the youth leader in his home church (CB or Church of the Brethren), Michal realized that the most necessary group of people in the Czech Republic to reach is the youth. Those within the age range of 13-19 are often the most open to recognize God and Jesus Christ as their Savior. A couple years ago, Michal met with KAM (Josiah Venture’s partner organization in the Czech Republic) and started organizing English camps. During this time, his heart started to burn for equipping youth leaders. He started to pray and God gave him 2 students to disciple, and finally they became youth leaders. Last year, they started to lead the youth group in Michal’s home church. At the beginning of 2019, Michal left his high position in an insurance company and started to cooperate with KAM to fulfill the vision and mission of Josiah Venture. Michal will build relationships with local churches and youth leaders across Czech to equip young leaders on a weekly/monthly basis. In this role, some of Michal’s main responsibilities with these leaders will be to advise them, pray for them, share his experiences with them, get to know the context of their ministry, and grow these leaders into teachers.

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