Paul & Barbara Belcher

Paul and Barbara attended Josiah Venture conferences in 2015 and 2016 and were captivated by JV’s vision. The couple’s relationship with JV goes back decades, as they were part of the Wisconsin church that hired Mel Ellenwood as an Associate Pastor in the 90s and helped send the Ellenwoods to the Czech Republic with JV in 1997. Paul and Barb have a sense of urgency and passion to seek and save lost youth, build up local churches, and see societies in Central and Eastern Europe transformed by the love of Jesus. The Belchers attended the inaugural meeting of the A-Team in Wheaton, Illinois in June 2016, and they are excited about where this new JV adventure will take them. Paul is still fully engaged in his small business in northern Wisconsin, and Paul and Barb enjoy traveling, practicing hospitality, and spending time with their three married daughters and five (soon to be six!) grandchildren.

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