Henry & Debbie Bieber

Hank, Annie, Halle and Nick

Henry and Debbie learned of Josiah Venture through John and Amber Hinger, who are currently country leaders in Croatia. While they have supported missionaries and participated in international short-term missions trips in the past, it is JV’s focus on youth, partnership with local churches, and incorporation of nationals within each respective country that has attracted them to join JV’s A team. Henry and Debbie are focused on identifying and opening a campsite in Croatia for JV. Having already participated in a summer English camp there with their entire family (they have four children), they are excited about the opportunity to lead the effort in finding a permanent campsite in Croatia that will serve not only the youth of Croatia, but all countries in which JV is active. Henry and Debbie both have legal experience and Henry’s career in the investment and management of commercial real estate is, along with much prayer, expected to help facilitate in the campsite search and acquisition. In the interim, working with the youth, missionaries, and just supporting JV is an honor for the couple.


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