Short-Term Teams

Teams that come to Central and Eastern Europe help with English, music, and sports camps. These camps provide a relational environment where Central and Eastern European teenagers hear the gospel, often for the first time. Less than 1% of young people in Central and Eastern Europe are evangelical believers. You will have the opportunity to share the love of Christ with students that have probably had little or no contact with Christians, the Bible, or the truth of Jesus Christ.

You will partner with a national youth group to put on a camp that empowers them to share the gospel with their friends and students from their city. Your team will model relational evangelism. Additionally, you will give Europeans an opportunity to speak English with native speakers through conversational English classes, playing sports, or music workshops.

We need short-term teams from North America and the UK, so we can continue to do camps throughout Central and Eastern Europe. We want more and more young people in this part of world to follow Jesus and youth ministries to become outreach focused with a passion to reach their non-Christian peers for Christ. Please consider joining the work God is doing in this region.

Work Teams

One of the ways that short term teams of all ages can become involved in serving the people of Eastern Europe through the ministry of Josiah Venture is by participating in work projects. Previous projects have included renovations, new constructions, landscaping, and cleanup. These projects need teams throughout the year and vary in the length of time they require. Please contact us for information about current work project opportunities.

Prayer Teams

Ministry in Eastern Europe is significantly affected by the spiritual strongholds that exist in these former communist nations. A vital way to respond to this need and support the work of JV staff is to send teams to intercede for the work. These teams pray for the people of the country and the JV ministry in very intentional and focused ways, such as doing prayer walks through a city, praying for students by name while visiting their neighborhoods, spending extended time in fasting and prayer for the removal of specific barriers, or praying for solutions to specific strategic barriers.

Service Teams

Community service projects are tangible acts of kindness that share Christ's love and break down barriers to the gospel. These are generally done in partnership with one of the key churches in Central or Eastern Europe with which Josiah Venture is working. Service project teams participate in such things as building public playgrounds, painting and repairing the schools, and assisting in programs to meet the needs of the poor or downtrodden.