MPD Training

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New JV Staff: MPD Training

If you are new to JV we have designed an exciting step-by-step MPD training that will help you all the way from building a contact list and helping you prepare a presentation to ideas for successful follow-up. We offer encouraging, interactive training in the simple principles and practice of biblical support-raising so that you can be confident and competent to reach full funding and live out your calling. 

Required Steps: 

  1. Connect with your Country MPD Coach for guidance and encouragement on this exciting journey
  2. Sign up for the Online MPD training (to be completed before attending orientation)

Start JV MPD interactive video series (with your MPD Coach)

Veteran JV Staff: MPD Training 

If you are living on support and need help building and maintaining a ministry partner team, this online training is for you. This link will take you to the registration page for getting started. The training is currently available in several languages and includes access to The God Ask, a book that supplements the online training. We strongly recommend that you contact your country MPD Coach for further assistance.

MPD Country Coaches 

If you need help on this journey, we have MPD coaches in many of our JV countries who are equipped to walk you through this process.