Josiah Venture Systems and Websites

Financial Systems

In January 2019, Josiah Venture released a new financial portal called SOLA. This tool allows you to see the donations and transactions that have happened on your accounts and projects in the United States and Canada. We will also be adding the JVUK donations and accounts in here in the first half of 2019. There is a possibility that we will also be able to add your national organization donations through this same site so that you can go to one place to see all financial details.



Where do I go to see my donors and projects in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom?


Natl Org Finances

Where do I see donation detail from my National Organization? Eventually this will be in Sola. Until then, please contact your country leader to get reports.


Open New Account

How do I open an new account in the US, Canada, or the UK?

Ministry Focus Tools

Josiah Venture has provided tools that we use internally as a team. These include Sortio, a client relationship management system, and the HR site, which we use to track with employees and interns.

Staff Access



What is that tool where our team tracks with people, churches, and schools?


EMS Reporting

Where do I manage applications, time off, and my evaluations?


EXIT Tour Module

Where do I work with my Compass (position focus, KRA, and growth plan)?

EXIT Module

Staff and Local Church Access