Training Conferences - Romania

Lead training conferences that provide inspiration, practical training, and ministry strategy without taking leaders out of their local context. This training will impact over 3000 next generation leaders.

Healthy, Reproducing Churches - Romania

Using conferences and seminars, provide training to pastors and elders that will equip them to lead healthy, reproducing churches.

Camps - Romania

One of the largest difficulties in organizing a camp is making sure there is audio/video equipment that is well functioning. That is why we would love to help the camp ministry in Romania by making sure we have at least the basic equipment for a successful camp. For this we would need a sound system that is both portable and powerful, and a video projector. We are looking for $1950 to cover the cost of this equipment.

JV General Fund

Giving a general gift to Josiah Venture allows us to quickly direct funds to those programs and projects that are most needed.