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Making Disciples

Dear Friends,

It’s always good to follow instructions —especially when they come from Jesus.

Right before He was taken up into heaven, Jesus commissioned his leadership team of 11 with a very specific and lifelong assignment: “make disciples” (Matthew 18:19). Think about the significance of these brief instructions. He could have sent them to “make converts,” or “make followers,” or even “plant churches.” But He knew that without disciples who make disciples, the movement of Jesus grinds to a halt.

Maruska serves on our JV Slovakia team and leads national training conferences for young Slovak leaders. These events take a great deal of preparation and equip close to 1,500 leaders each year. In spite of demanding national responsibilities, she and her husband continue to model what she is teaching by making disciples in and through their local church. 

Last month, Maruska noticed that a 17-year-old boy named Gabo, who is in her husband’s small group, kept inviting his friends to youth group. Pulling him aside after the meeting she said, “Gabo, you are so great at inviting people to youth group, but did you know that you could share the gospel directly with your friends?” Surprised that he could be entrusted with such an important task as a young teenager, he told her he would love to, but didn’t know how.

Maruska reached into her satchel and pulled out a copy of Look, a four-week Bible study designed to be done one-on-one with a non-Christian friend. In just a few minutes she explained how he could invite a classmate out for a coke, or over to his house, and share with him the good news of Jesus Christ in a very interactive and non-threatening way.

Within one week, Gabo was already meeting with a friend and asked for four more copies of Look. Three weeks later, he was meeting with five of his friends one-on-one, walking each of them through the plan of salvation.

We are praying that many of these friends put their faith in Christ. But whatever the outcome, we already know that Gabo has gone from “follower” to “disciple-maker,” as he has been equipped to share Christ with his friends. Imagine the impact if Gabo keeps doing this for the rest of his life! Because Maruska and Daniel are making disciples, Gabo learned to make disciples, and the good news of Jesus is spreading.

Can you imagine what would happen if all of us followed Jesus’ instructions?

Grateful for you,

President, Josiah Venture



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