Josiah Venture Council

The Josiah Venture Council meets at least three times annually and is comprised of two representatives from each partner organization (one of whom is a national) and one representative from each country that has a team in place but no registered organization. This council functions as a leadership team for the movement by developing and maintaining vision and strategy and providing accountability and training for country leaders.

The current Josiah Venture Council consists of the following members:

Josiah Venture President - Dave Patty
JV Council Chairman - Josh Patty
JV Council Vice Chairman - Peter Hrubo
Bulgaria - Gabe Hillman
Croatia - John Hinger
Czech Republic - Milan Michalko
Estonia - Vahur Kobin
Germany - Jim Miller
Hungary - Rob Trenckmann
Latvia - Kelly Hargan
Poland - Michal Skiba
Romania - Flaviu Coman
Serbia - Bojan Ostojic
Slovakia - Peter Hrubo
Slovenia - Andrej Lovse
Ukraine - Ben Williams