Talk to any athlete and they’ll tell you that on game day, it’s important to show up ready to play hard. That’s easier said than done, because it takes courage, strength, and commitment to lay it all on the field. In life as a whole, this same principle applies. Sadly, the majority of young people in Central and Eastern Europe don’t have Jesus or Godly people in their lives to coach them on what a life well-played looks like. That’s where Josiah Venture’s Edge Sports ministry comes in.

Started in the fall of 2013, Edge is using sports like floorball and European football, as well as crossfit training and coaching events, to help evangelize and disciple the youth of the region, while connecting them with their local church community. We see our team practices, tournaments, and camps not only as a way to provide young people with a fun outlet for their athletic energy and interest, but also as an intentional tool to equip these athletes with the hope of the gospel that we believe changes everything, both inside the gym and out.