Speak English

Since the very beginning of Josiah Venture’s ministry, being able to practice conversational English as a language learner has proven time and time again to be a huge draw for young people in Central and Eastern Europe. Speak English, our own innovative curriculum used at summer camps and in English classrooms and clubs throughout the year, offers students the chance to not only learn how to communicate more articulately in English, but also grow closer to God and form relationships with the Christian community around them in the process.  

In 1994, 80 Czech young people attended the first ever Josiah Venture camp and it was clear then that English and camps ministry were effective ways to evangelize youth in Central and Eastern Europe. Now, over 20 years later, JV has partnered with local churches, interns, and short-term teams to put on more than a thousand camps, and each summer reaches thousands of non-believing young people with the gospel message. God is moving among the youth of this region and we’re grateful He’s using our curriculum and language as a part of His plan.