Practical resources in the form of Bible studies and web development tools for ministry are developed by each country to support young leaders as they serve in their local contexts. The following are two examples of how we are able to resource the local churches.


Davka is a Slovak word that means a dose of medicine. But in Training Center Kompas or TCK, davka means an ongoing project for producing “doses” of youth ministry resources for desperate youth leaders all across the country. TCK has been producing such resources for more than 10 years.

The materials include Bible lessons, devotions for leaders, music, video interviews and clips, inspirational articles, games and more. As of March 2007, these resources are now online which enables the TCK team to host online forums and receive instant feedback from their users. The desire is to continue to produce relevant training materials for youth workers and to also create an online family of Slovak youth workers that learn from, share with, and encourage one another.


Elements is a discipleship tool created by Josiah Venture for small groups to help new believers in Christ learn the basics of their faith in Christ. It is an interactive DVD in 11 languages, designed for High School and University age students.

The purpose of Elements is to help in building a foundation for growth in Christ. This study tool focuses on seven basic elements that help the students understand what it means to now be “in Christ” and grow in Him.