Member Care

Within Josiah Venture, we have created a care team known as the Bteam, or Barnabas team. The Bteam exist to provide care, support, and resources for the entire JV team. This team was developed to anticipate and respond to the second and third culture missionary needs, assist the national organizations, and develop systems and resources in order for the JV team to accomplish what God has called them to do: equip young leaders in Central and Eastern Europe to fulfill Christ’s commission through the local church.


Part of Josiah Venture member care is the Josiah Venture Kids Ministry. Healthy families are an important part of JV’s ministry in Central and Eastern Europe. But JVK Ministry is about more than that. God’s call and plan is not only for mom and dad—He has called each JV Kid and has an incredible plan for them too.

Growing up as a Third Culture Kid, someone who grows up in a culture other than their parents’ culture, is very shaping. There are wonderful things: speaking another language, traveling, naturally adapting to any culture, and a wealth of experiences and friends from around the world. There are also some distinct challenges: rootlessness, cycles of lost relationships, and wondering who you are and where you belong.

The JVK Ministry exists to provide a dynamic community for JV Kids to belong to as they walk through the joys and challenges of their lives. We desire for them to be vibrant TCKs, fully expressing who God created them to be. And most of all, we want to wholeheartedly follow Jesus together.


Josiah Venture hosts several different conferences each year in order to meet the unique needs of our national and cross-cultural missionaries. These conferences are specifically planned to provide ministry training, Bible teaching, and a synergistic exchange of ideas as we come together for fellowship and mutual encouragement.